The Regional Development Council – 1, through the RDC-Unit of the National Economic and Development Authority Regional Office 1 facilitated the conduct of the NEDA-1 Secretariat’s Orientation on February 5 and 17, 2020 via Zoom.

RDC-1 secretariats from NEDA Region 1 participates in the RDC-1 Secretariats Orientation on February 5 & 17, 2021 via Zoom

The NEDA 1 technical staff, who serve as the RDC-1 secretariats, participated in the two-day orientation which aimed to enhance the capacity of the secretariat in managing committee meetings and preparing meeting documents.  Moreover, the orientation aimed to familiarize the secretariat on the policy process in the context of the RDC-1 and procedures in monitoring the implementation and review of RDC-1 resolutions. 

The topics presented during the two-day orientation are the following: a) Concept of Completed Staff Work; b) House Rules on Management of Meetings and Protocols on the Conduct of Virtual Meetings; c) Guidelines in the Management of Zoom Meetings; d) Manual of Styles and Social Media Posts; e) Amendments in the RDC-1 Manual of Operations; f) Features of Updating the RDC-1 Calendar; g) Policy Cycle in the Context of RDC-1; and h) Procedures to Monitor the Implementation and Review of the RDC-1 Resolutions.

Likewise, workshops on the formulation of Policy Agenda, preparation of Policy Objective Matrix, categorization of resolutions, preparation of Resolution Monitoring Plan Form, and consolidation of Monitoring Feedback were conducted.  Mr. Arnel G. Palabay, OIC-Chief Administrative Officer of the Finance and Administrative Division served as the resource person together with Ms. Zenaida Garcillan and Mellen Borja of the RDC Unit. 

The RDC-1 will also conduct an orientation to the secondary secretariats of the RDC-1 committees from other agencies as part of the continuing capacity development of the RDC-1 secretariats.